Hina and Sunny’s Highlights

This was our first wedding in Vail, Colorado. Wow, just breathtaking views. Hina and Sunny’s wedding took place in the heart of Vail, surrounded by the White River National Forest. The views from the mountaintop were beyond remarkable! We’ve filmed Indian weddings all throughout Chicago, but I’ve never experienced a 3- day Indian wedding situated in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. I am so thankful for having the experience to film Hina and Sunny’s wedding.


Farah and Chander’s Highlights

Farah and Chander’s wedding was simply spectacular!  Their South Asian wedding celebration in Downtown, Chicago was filled with fun, love, and lots of emotions. Farah and Chander’s colorful Hindu wedding at the historic Palmer House was nothing short of spectacular. What better way for Chander to make an entrance into Chicago’s marquee hotel then by turning heads and stopping traffic with a grand baraat down State Street.  Their celebration even drew the attention of the 5 o’clock news team as they filmed the baraat from a helicopter!  It was an honor to film this amazing celebration for these two families.


Karolina and Michael’s Highlights


Amanda and Robert’s Highlights


Summer 2014 Cinematic Highlights


Emily and Owen’s Wedding Highlights


Khushbu and Neil’s Trailer