About Us

The evolution of REM's marketing

Welcome to the beautiful world of wedding memories. R.E.M. Video and Photography has been specializing in preserving special occasions for over 20 years. Robert E. Mazur, the president of R.E.M., has transformed his one man operation to a multi-unit production staff with a concentration on creating artistic pictures and breathtaking motion picture memories.

In building his production crew, Robert was very selective in assembling a highly creative team of photographers and cinematographers with a professional background in photojournalism and documentary filmmaking that will continue raising the standards in the wedding industry. The achievements and accolades of R.E.M. have stretched well beyond word of mouth. Wedding websites and industry bloggers have taken notice of the creativity that Robert and his team have been providing to couples. The secret of R.E.M.’s success for all these years has been consistency in quality and always providing the highest customer service in the wedding industry.

It’s been said that a wedding day goes by in a flash. After the music stops playing at the end of the evening, the only memories left are those captured by the photographer and cinematographer. These become the most precious and valuable memories that the couple and family have to cherish. R.E.M. takes extraordinary care in crafting beautiful memories for each of its couples. We hope that after exploring our website, you will be convinced that R.E.M. will not only exceed your expectations, but will bring all your wedding memories to life for all generations to enjoy.

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