Jewish Wedding

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“Mazel tov!”

What a wonderful wedding of two very loving people Jenya and Matt!  It was a beautiful wedding filled with Jewish traditions such as the signing of the Ketubah, exchanging the vows under the Huppah and breaking of the glass. Together with their families and friends, they celebrated their love at the Renaissance Hotel Chicago to the music of Gold Coast All Stars. And of course they danced the high energy Jewish dance, The Horah.

Photography by Agnes Karejwo and Izabela Mazur

Iuzzini_Seigel_0008Iuzzini_Seigel_0011Iuzzini_Seigel_0015 Iuzzini_Seigel_0017 Iuzzini_Seigel_0020 Iuzzini_Seigel_0021Iuzzini_Seigel_0030 Iuzzini_Seigel_0036 Iuzzini_Seigel_0039 Iuzzini_Seigel_0042 Iuzzini_Seigel_0045Iuzzini_Seigel_0047Iuzzini_Seigel_0056Iuzzini_Seigel_0057Iuzzini_Seigel_0058 Iuzzini_Seigel_0064 Iuzzini_Seigel_0067 Iuzzini_Seigel_0066 Iuzzini_Seigel_0084 Iuzzini_Seigel_0087 Iuzzini_Seigel_0090

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On September 23, 2014

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